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Steve Rice on thessaloniki

yoshimiparis on thessaloniki
c'est tout simplement superbe

Existence Artistique on thessaloniki
belle trouvaille

Ralf Kesper on thessaloniki

Ana Lúcia on thessaloniki
Simply beautiful!

Anne on thessaloniki
Magnifique sous la neige.

Steve Rice on thessaloniki
A beautiful image of the snowfall.

Existence Artistique on thessaloniki

yoshimiparis on thessaloniki
minimalist but wonderful under the snow that we see falling

yoshimiparis on thessaloniki
a true picture this photograph; as much by the angle of view, as by the light, the atmosphere and the snow that we see ...

Steve Rice on thessaloniki

Ralf Kesper on thessaloniki
Excellent! *****

yoshimiparis on trilofos
it's a very pretty photograph but ... I would not have personally added this halo all around

Steve Rice on trilofos
Winter has arrived!

Susy on trilofos
Cool winter scene!!!!!

Ralf Kesper on trilofos
Very nice. I like this analog style.

Existence Artistique on trilofos

Steve Rice on lecce
A beautiful night shot!

Existence Artistique on lecce

omid on lecce
such beautiful composition & lights! Lovely moment! ... ℋappy ♪ ♫ • * ¨ * •. ¸ ¸ ...

Ana Lúcia on lecce
Lovely picture. ★ • .¸ ¸ ☆ '. •'. •'✶` *. *. * ★. ✶ • ...

Susy on thessaloniki
Very Expressive!!!!

Steve Rice on thessaloniki
A lovely seaside scene.

Existence Artistique on thessaloniki

Ana Lúcia on thessaloniki
I like the composition here. Good job.

Marcel P. on thessaloniki
joue-t-il parfois de la musique ?

Susy on athos mountain
Love the stand alone trees!!!!

yoshimiparis on thessaloniki
wonderful image of a forge, and these contrasts in black and white ... superb from here I hear the sound of the hammer ...

existenceartistique on thessaloniki

Steve Rice on thessaloniki
Wonderful light and tones.

omid on thessaloniki
such beautiful frame & details! Amazing!

Ralf Kesper on thessaloniki
Excellent contrasts in this image of this nice vintage sujet.

Steve Rice on plati
Someone's getting drowsy. ;-)

omid on plati
A M A Z I N G !!!

existenceartistique on plati

Steve Rice on zorba

Shaun on zorba
Excellent color. Nice street capture.

existenceartistique on zorba

Marcel P. on zorba
oui !

yoshimiparis on thessaloniki
when I see this image, it makes me think of a landscape that could be seen in a film from one of Stephan King's ...

pcpanik on thessaloniki
Fallout 4?

Existence Artistique on thessaloniki

Steve Rice on thessaloniki
A binary billboard.

Ralf Kesper on thessaloniki
Simple and well done!

yoshimiparis on baxe
very beautiful image that could, who knows, make a poster of a movie movie. ps; great birds in the sky. It's the ...

Marcel P. on baxe
belle mise en scène

Steve Rice on baxe
A lovely seascape.

Jaya on baxe
splendid winter mediterranean light :-)

Existence Artistique on baxe
un bon travail de recherche

Daniel on ioannina
classic feel to this shot. nice

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