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yoshimiparis on baxe
we want to be there, to settle down and to watch ... for a long time, let our spirit escape

omid on baxe
such beautiful composition, clouds, colors & lights! Lovely!

Michael Rawluk on baxe
That is a great shot.

Existence Artistique on baxe

Florence on baxe
Beautiful atmosphere!

Ralf Kesper on baxe
Wonderful atmosphere.

Steed on baxe
Excellent,Yannis .

Annima on baxe

Florence on baxe
Lucky you! ;-)

yoshimiparis on baxe
very nice symmetry

Existence Artistique on baxe

yoshimiparis on perea
Absolutely wonderful There is a divine light there which gives exceptional colors to your photography

Steed on baxe
Superb Picture,Yannis ....*****

Existence Artistique on baxe
bien ce rendu

Ana Lúcia on perea
Amazing colors and composition.

ceteceva on perea
Un contraste de soir d'orage !

Existence Artistique on perea

Ralf Kesper on perea
Top framing and top colors. The sky looks great.

Steed on perea
Always Great Tones ......Nice Pola',Yannis .

Steed on thessaloniki
Dreamy Place .....

Le Krop on perea
Coup de coeur pour ce cadrage, cette atmosphère, cette excellence du rendu. *****

yoshimiparis on thessaloniki
pretty picture in its simplicity

Existence Artistique on thessaloniki

Ana Lúcia on perea
A peaceful and beautiful moment, a lovely sunset.

omid on perea
such beautiful clouds, colors & lights! Amazing!

Existence Artistique on perea

Steed on perea
In Majesty !!!!! Excellent,Yannis ....

Ralf Kesper on perea
Beautiful picture with this framing, colors and square format.

Michael Rawluk on perea
A fabulous shot.

Existence Artistique on perea
bien la perspective

Ana Lúcia on perea
Great perspective.

Ralf Kesper on perea
Fine composed!

Steed on perea
Nice"Polaroid",Yannis .

Darkelf Photography on tree
Excellent concept and a superb collage.

Harry on tree
nice set

beach on tree
Nice collection

Existence Artistique on tree
superbe cette série

Steed on tree
Excellent Idea,Yannis ....

Ralf Kesper on tree
Wonderful collage. Excactly from the same place.

Existence Artistique on lockdown
bien agréable

beach on lockdown
What better way to be confined than with your fishing poles by a deserted stretch of water.

Ana Lúcia on lockdown
Very quiet moment.

Ralf Kesper on lockdown
Perfect way for spending time in social distances.

Le Krop on lockdown
Je bisse le commentaire de Steed ! :-)

Steed on lockdown
Atmosphere,Atmosphere ......Nice Capture,Yannis .

omid on lock-down
:( Amazing shot!

Paleblue Photography on lock-down
No sitting! Well seen.

Steed on lock-down
And with a little Imagination,a well made Graphism under the Eye of a Beautiful SunSet ......Nice,Yannis .

Steve Rice on lock-down
A beautiful scene with few to enjoy.

Jaya on lock-down
yes Yannis, magnificent :-)

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