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Steve Rice on lafkos
An interesting B&W shot of the urban woods.

Steve Rice on lafkos
Such a lovely street of hard stone and soft leaves.

Steve Rice on milies
Lovely light in this black & white forest scene. The small gauge track is interesting, too.

Darkelf Photography on summer
Beautiful fields with their lovely golden colour. The contrast with dark clouds is fantastic.

Steve Rice on summer
The grain ripens beautifully.

Omid on trilofos
L O V E L Y !

Steve Rice on trilofos
A beautiful field of grain and trees.

Anna Cherer on trilofos
Beautiful rural composition

Florence on trilofos
Wonderful picture.

Steve Rice on kavala
Excellent vines on the street.

Le Krop on kavala
Belle idée.

Ralf Kesper on kavala
Beautiful pictures as collage

Steve Rice on skala's gorge
An interesting pool in the forest.

Steve Rice on skala's gorge

omid on skala's gorge
A M A Z I N G !

Ralf Kesper on skala's gorge
Awesome grown roots

yoshimiparis on skala's gorge
Brrrrr, we feel these branches or roots which continue to advance, to grow .... (good ok, with imagination ... laughs)

Steve Rice on thessaloniki
A fine place for yoga!

Steed on thessaloniki
So Nice,as always !!!!

Anne on thessaloniki
Très beau

Ralf Kesper on thessaloniki
Nice capture!

Steed on chortiatis
A Cool Week End .......Nice shot,Yannis .

Steve Rice on chortiatis
A lovely composition. Super colors, too.

Steve Rice on perea
Exquisite photography!

omid on perea
such beautiful frame, perspective, lights & atmosphere! L O V E L Y !

Florence on perea
Top photography!

Steed on perea
Well Composed,Yannis .

Ralf Kesper on perea
Superbe composition!

omid on perea
such beautiful frame, colors, lights & textures! Amazing!

Steve Rice on perea
They await the people. Superb!

ceteceva on perea
Très intéressant ces parasols comme des silhouettes qui guettent l'horizon !

Steed on perea
As People going to bath ..................Nice Capture,Friend ....

Henrik Herskind on perea
These ladies seem to be rather lonely.

Ana Lúcia on perea
A great composition to lead us into the frame, excellent.

Ralf Kesper on perea
Excellent classical photography! I love this!

Siepi on perea
When one looks only briefly to this photo, it's very arty: the folded red parasols, the seaview, ...

Ana Lúcia on baxe
That’s simply stunning!

Steve Rice on baxe
A fine picnic place.

ceteceva on agia triada
Reflections, simplicity all this gives a superb rendering !

P-TER on baxe
Those two have been there together for a while! Beautifully photographed!

Steed on baxe
I Love Your "Polaroidesques" Visions,Yannis .

omid on baxe
L O V E L Y !

Ralf Kesper on baxe
Fabulous composition

Steve Rice on agia triada
Beautifully done! The reflections really set this image apart.

omid on agia triada
such beautiful lights, atmosphere & reflections! Amazing!

P-TER on agia triada
It's in the little things! Wonderful.

Ralf Kesper on agia triada
Excellent composed!

PAPOU on agia triada
Superbe ******

Le Krop on agia triada
Excellent ! *****

Steed on agia triada
Bautiful,in its Simplicity always,Friend . *****

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