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Existence Artistique on perea

mE on perea
A really fine photo 5☆☆☆☆☆

Steed on perea
This is Excellent,Yannis ....*****

Ana Lúcia on perea
A lonely shot!

Ralf Kesper on perea

yoshimiparis on perea
absolutely sublime

Le Krop on perea
Coup de coeur ! *****

Ralf Kesper on thessaloniki
Well seen and used reflection.

Existence Artistique on thessaloniki

Steed on thessaloniki
Excellent Idea,Yannis .

Dutchess on thessaloniki
That's a lovely triptych!! Well done!

Existence Artistique on thessaloniki
beau et agréable ciel

Ralf Kesper on thessaloniki
Great idea!

Dimitrios on thessaloniki

Ana Lúcia on vw
I like the rusty colors.

Ralf Kesper on vw
Poor old T1. Nice found!

marije on vw
le voyage se fera dans la tête

Steed on vw
..Oldie,but Goodie ...Nice !!!!!

Existence Artistique on vw

yoshimiparis on on the road
beautiful, from here .... I hear the rain fall

Ralf Kesper on on the road
This moves!

Le Krop on on the road
Simple. Beau !!!

Steed on on the road
Perfect,Of Course !!!!! *****

Existence Artistique on on the road
bel effet

Le Krop on agia triada
Steed a raison, y'a de ça ! (Et c'est bien !)

Steed on agia triada
As excerpted from a "Road Movie" ....Nice !!!!

Existence Artistique on agia triada

Ralf Kesper on agia triada
Nice seascape.

yoshimiparis on perea
an image worthy of a movie poster

omid on winter

Ralf Kesper on winter
Very good!

Existence Artistique on winter

Steed on winter
Yes ......Nicely done,Yannis ...

Steed on perea
An Invitation to the week end ..Nice one,Yannis .

Ralf Kesper on perea
Nice and simple polaroid style.

Existence Artistique on perea
beau bleu

yoshimiparis on drimos
a minimalism that I really like

omid on delos island
Amazing sculptures.

Existence Artistique on delos island

Ronnie 2¢ on delos island
A fascinatingly odd creation . . one starts to see a relationship !

Steed on delos island
Nice contrast of Styles and Beautiful shot,Yannis .

Ralf Kesper on delos island
Interesting composition of sculptures from different ages.

Ana Lúcia on serres
Such a wonderful setting.

Existence Artistique on serres
intéressant rendu

Le Krop on serres
Un tableau abstrait que j'aime énormément *****

Steed on serres
Perfectly Graphic ....

Ralf Kesper on serres
Very good framing.

Steed on serres
Beautiful Game of Light and Shadows,Yannis ...

Existence Artistique on serres
bel effet avec ces carreaux

Ralf Kesper on serres
Wonderful composed light game.

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