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Steve Rice on moni iviron

Steve Rice on mount athos

Existence Artistique on mount athos

STEED on mount athos
Beautifully done,as always,Yannis .

STEED on moni iviron
Original as always,Yannis ...Well done .....

Existence Artistique on moni iviron
bien vu

Ralf Kesper on moni iviron
Fine framing!

Steve Rice on moni iviron
Beautiful windows.

Steve Rice on mount athos
The storm front moves in.

Steve Rice on mount athos
Amazing light and clouds.

Existence Artistique on mount athos

STEED on mount athos
Alwais the Essential .......NICE !!!!

Jaya on mount athos
Light Miracles :-)

Ralf Kesper on mount athos
Nice orange!

Anne on mount athos

Steve Rice on paros
A splendid image of the old tree.

Existence Artistique on paros
bel arbre

Ralf Kesper on paros
I like specially this wonderful blue in this sky.

Ronnie 2¢ on paros
A fine 'lone tree' study . . nice;y presented.

STEED on paros
The Chance of Blue and Sun ....Beautiful !!!!!

yoshimiparis on paros
how not to remain admiring in front of this "blue"

Magda A.-Coulter on athos
Perfect timing! Spectacular

Magda A.-Coulter on paros

Magda A.-Coulter on moni iviron
Wow! what a find

Magda A.-Coulter on parikia
Very nice! Simple lines, beautiful light

Magda A.-Coulter on paros
Fantastic shot! Framing, detail and light are superb

Steve Rice on paros
Beautiful light on this wonderful sculpture.

Existence Artistique on paros
intéressante sans tête

Ralf Kesper on paros
Beautiful captured ancient torso.

STEED on paros
Another Fine Vision,superbly bathed by the Light ....

Jaya on paros
Classic on Classic, 5* of perfection, but, more than this: Beauty :-)

Jaya on athos
Wonderful !

Jaya on paros
my dream's home :-)

Steve Rice on parikia
Nice light.

Existence Artistique on parikia
bien vu ce bleu

Ralf Kesper on parikia
Light and colors are delicate.

Libouton Martine on parikia
J'aime beaucoup ta photo !

STEED on parikia
Your vision of Places and Things looks like Polaroid's Logic,Yannis .........I LOVE IT !!!!! *****

Steve Rice on leaving
Totally cool!

Existence Artistique on leaving
bien ce flou

STEED on leaving
No contest,I LOVE !!!!!!! *****

Ana Lúcia on sokratis sinopoulos
Nice light.

Steve Rice on sokratis sinopoulos

STEED on sokratis sinopoulos
Original and Beautiful .....

yoshimiparis on moni iviron
what to warm a little time. He made his wood for the winter Beautiful composition

Steve Rice on moni iviron
Lots of firewood for the winter. Lovely image.

Existence Artistique on moni iviron
bien ces troncs coupés

omid on moni iviron
such beautiful frame & textures! Amazing!

Ralf Kesper on moni iviron
I like this combi of natural stones and wood stamps.

STEED on moni iviron
Always original !!!!Hat's off,Yannis ....

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