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yoshimiparis on kerkini
you made a photographic wonder there

Ralf Kesper on kerkini
Impressive sky. I like this square format.

Steve Rice on kerkini
Before the storm! Lovely.

Existence Artistique on kerkini
bien ce ciel

Ana Lúcia on kerkini
Love how you filled the frame here.

By Marie on kerkini
Beautiful stormy sky and light on these clouds

Steve Rice on paros

Existence Artistique on paros
belle lumière

Steed on paros
Always the same Mood of Sweetness and Quietness .....Nice,Yannis .

By Marie on paros
I like the beautiful light in this rock

Anne on paros
Nice light

Harry on paros
almost sculpture

Steed on paros
Curious and Beautiful,Yannis.

Existence Artistique on paros
bien ces formes

Ana Lúcia on paros
Marvellous sculptural rocks.

Le Krop on paros
Oui, pareidolie animale !

By Marie on paros
As a vignette I imagined the head of a horse or a camel. Well done!

Ralf Kesper on amorgos
Lovely scenery

Existence Artistique on amorgos
bien ce bleu

Steed on amorgos
A Nice Moment of Real Life ....Well captured,Yannis .

By Marie on amorgos
A nice idea to the challenge "a frame in a frame"

By Marie on iraklia
A beautiful tree that the wind must have tormented a lot

By Marie on amorgos
All Greece is in this photo Yannis, I love me who loves your country so much.

Ana Lúcia on amorgos
Beautiful perspective and depth on this!!

Le Krop on amorgos
J'aime bien cette scène de vie.

Steed on iraklia
Typical !!! Nice one,Yannis .

Existence Artistique on iraklia
bien cet ar bre

Ana Lúcia on iraklia
Wonderful tree.

Existence Artistique on iraklia
bien cette porte

Ana Lúcia on iraklia
Fine image with color harmony and effective composition.

Steed on iraklia
The Silence and the Beauty ....

Daryl Johnson on amorgos
Beautifully handled, love the vibrant blue.

yoshimiparis on amorgos
the framing in all its splendor

Jaya on amorgos
perfect shot for a wonderful reality !

Ruthiebear on amorgos
Congratulations on your SPOTLIGHT

Anna Cherer on amorgos
Beautiful opening, well framed ! Congrats !

Shaun on amorgos

Steed on amorgos
Well Deserved ...Congrat's,Yannis.

Gérard on amorgos
Congrats !

Calusarus on amorgos
Congratulations on the spotlight. Well deserved

Ana Lúcia on amorgos
Congratulations on the Spotlight!

omid on amorgos
such beautiful frame, tone & lights! Lovely! ... & Congratulations! :)

Existence Artistique on amorgos
bien la vue

Steed on amorgos
A Window opened over Paradise .....Beautiful,Yannis .

Ana Lúcia on meteora
Very nice composition.

Existence Artistique on meteora
bien cette cour be

Marie on meteora
Hello Yannis, I am happy to see you here. I had been away for a few years but I came back to A3. I like this nb ...

Steed on meteora
Just enough for an excellent shot,Yannis .

Calusarus on amorgos
I really like the wall tones in this B&W

omid on amorgos

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