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Anne on athos

Ralf Kesper on athos
Wonderful capture :))

Ana Lúcia on athos
Beautiful framing, nice shot.

Existence Artistique on athos
bien vu

yoshimiparis on athos
a dolphin ?

Steve Rice on athos

Steve Rice on paros
Lovely light and composition.

Ralf Kesper on paros
Beautiful light house.

Existence Artistique on paros

Anne on paros
Très beau

Steve Rice on paros
Blue on blue on blue. Love it.

rbassin on paros
superbe vue, bien ce bleu - blanc

Ana Lúcia on paros
Nicely composed.

Existence Artistique on paros
intéressant ce bleu

STEED on paros
All the Greek's Mind in this Picture,Yannis .......Superb !!!!!

Ralf Kesper on paros
Nice different blues in this image.

yoshimiparis on paros
very beautiful picture This rock, if we look good could have the shape of a face with an open mouth The top of the ...

Steve Rice on paros
A beautiful rock formation.

Existence Artistique on paros
bel effet avec cette roche

STEED on paros
As a Stoned Reptile ........Beautiful Shot,Yannis .

Ralf Kesper on paros
Well made image. Good framework presentation.

yoshimiparis on paros
the overexposure of the background does not interfere with the quality of this beautiful view

Steve Rice on paros
A lovely lighthouse and dark rocks.

Existence Artistique on paros

STEED on paros
Quiet,Peaceful .......Nice monochrome,Yannis ....

Ralf Kesper on paros
Fine in monochrome.

Ana Lúcia on paros
Nice and moody landscape capture.

yoshimiparis on naoussa
que dire devant cette beauté photographique ... <3

Steve Rice on naoussa
A beautiful coastal scene.

Existence Artistique on naoussa

Ralf Kesper on naoussa

STEED on naoussa
You're a Master of the "All with a minimum" ...I LOVE !!!!!! *****

Le Krop on naoussa

Existence Artistique on paros
bien vu cet orangé

Steve Rice on paros
Lovely light on this wonderful hill.

STEED on paros
The Silent Beauty of a Place ........Superb,Yannis .

yoshimiparis on paros
I'm starting to be very fond of your look at the world and things

STEED on paros
Beauty in the Simplicity ......Nice shot,Yannis ....

Steve Rice on paros
A beautiful column and plants.

yoshimiparis on paros
as the last picture You are extra in the art of minimalism

yoshimiparis on wall
j'aime beaucoup ce minimalisme C'est ... simple, coloré, bien cadré

Ana Lúcia on wall
The colors are phenomenal.

Steve Rice on wall
A beautiful wall of color.

Gary on wall
Simple and effective

STEED on wall
Absolutely Superb Abstract,Yannis !!!!!....*****

yoshimiparis on summer
the image would have (for me) been much prettier without the aureole of black all around

Steve Rice on summer
A lovely image of the sunflowers.

STEED on summer
Absolutely Beautiful,Yannis !!!!! *****

Anna Cherer on summer
I love the melancholy atmosphere, and the BW !

Ralf Kesper on summer
Finest fine-art! Chapeau!

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